Big Funk Factory

Big Funk Factory

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The culmination of Twenty Years recording albums and playing live.  The BFF was created by Andy Wood Mitchell.  The concept of a band existing in it’s own universe with accompanying Stories D-roid Portrait of a Serial Singer and Transaction Declined and the final part of the Trilogy coming this year Bucee Ball.  Each album being the soundtrack to their reflective parts in the ongoing saga.

The era of the band and it’s first taciturn lead vocalist D-roid seems to be set  somewhere in the mid Nineties.  A time of prancing boy bands and pouting girl groups while an alternative scene Acid Jazz continued the live music tradition.  A moment of  in the industry of supreme Music manufacturing Ripe for exploitation, unfortunately in this case by a Scientific incompetent  called Professor Dweeb.

The Funk and Groove inspired tracks are performed by many of  London’s well renowned musicians and performers including Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) Vanessa Hayes (Incognito) and members of Galiano, George Michael and Tricky’s band.  Fronted by Andy himself in the guise of the nonosyllabic D-roid, his annoying rival Dweeb Droid and finally the utterly loathsome AWM the Eleven Piece band have released Two albums “Factory Sample” and “D-Funkt”.  They are currently recording the current soundtrack to “Bucee Ball” at the World Famous Abbey Road Studios and Air Edel.

As a new entrant, before conducting yourself through each chapter, perhaps you should familiarise yourself with the characters involved and those disreputable individuals featured in these musical episodes… click here if you dare?